Naturally Indigo

I started creating these bags to meet a need at the local food bank about 5 years ago. I had been a volunteer for the house of blessing in Stratford for over 30 years. Our clients would come in to pick up groceries and I realized they needed good sturdy bags to carry their stuff home. Most often time our clients were relying on public transportation or walking a fair distance. That’s when I realized the old torn jeans and faded sheets we throw out could be recreated into shopping bags for our clients. I have used table clothes, old drapes and sometimes even shower curtains have found their way into my bags.

It would always bring a smile to my face when driving down the street I would see someone carrying one of my bags. I started to make these bags for my children for Christmas and other occasions and they encouraged me to start selling them. I’m 75 now and am just not able to volunteer physically the way I used to. I still make bags and donate them to the local food bank which is my small way of giving back to the community. These bags are handmade from up-cycled material in Stratford, ON.

Product: Handmade Bags