Harm-N-E Longhorn

Harm-N-E Longhorns offers various Texas Longhorn beef products, including steaks, burgers, roasts, ground beef, and stewing beef. Longhorn beef is a healthy, delicious and lean beef and is a great source of protein, zinc and vitamin B12.

Harm-N-E Longhorns was started in 2015 by Clarence & Ingrid Dekens. Clarence had a lifelong dream of owning Texas Longhorn cattle stemming from the Westerns he watched as a child. Finally in 2015 he was able to start a small herd and they dove headfirst into the Texas Longhorn world. At first their only goal was developing a herd of cattle for breeding stock. However, as they learned more about the breed it became clear that Texas Longhorns were not only known for their beautiful coats, gentle nature and impressive horns, but that they were a healthy (and delicious!) source of beef. Most Saturdays you will see their daughter Michelle at the market.

Product: Beef