Dianna’s Country Bakery

The business was established in 1987 in which we have been at the Stratford Farmers Market 30 years. I make everything from scratch. I also grow some of the ingredients in my garden. My business in the hamlet of Fullarton, which is also our home. My kitchen is certified by the Perth County Health Unit. I am teaching my grandchildren what I do ao maybe they can take over some day. Starting out I had a small farm in which I started the bakery, then years later owned and operated a bakery and restaurant in St. Columban, Ontario and now after eight years there continued where I am now. Besides the baking, I also do preserves, which I love doing. My sister, Karen Greensides, used to help me until she was unable to due to sickness. Now my friends Pollie and Ruth help me with prep work and selling. I love what I do and I am very thankful to all my loyal customers over the years. I had better also mention the help from my husband, Pete de Jong, because without him I would be lost. OH!! I better mention that my Butter Tarts have won an award! Thank you.

Product: Tarts, pies, breads, cookies, squares, jams, jellies, pickles, relishes

Contact: Dianna Weirmier 519-229-6440