Stratford Fall Fair Book

Homecraft & School Fair Entry Form

School Fair & Homecraft Book

Exhibit hall will close at 3:00pm on Sunday September 24,2017 to prepare for exhibit pickup at 4:00pm


For All Classes (unless otherwise stated) are:

1st $3.00 | 2nd $2.50 | 3rd $2.00 | 4th $1.75 | 5th $1.25

Class 1: A Poster to Advertise and Promote your Fair

Prize money: 1st $5.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00.

Prize money sponsored by the Homecraft Division of the Stratford & District Agricultural Society.

Theme: “Celebrating Canada 150”

Stratford 176th Fall Fair – September 21-14, 2017 @ the Stratford Rotary Complex

FP1 – JK – Grade 6
FP2 – Grade 7 – Grade 12

Poster size: minimum ( 23 x 28cm) Maximum (30.5x46cm)

Poster must be hand drawn and coloured. Name and date of fair must be clearly shown on poster. Winning poster will be eligible to enter at the District Competition. The District winner will compete for prizes at the OAAS Convention in February 2018.


$100.00 donated in Memory of Reta Huether by her husband Ken Huether and her family, to the Exhibitor receiving the Most Overall Points within the School Fair Division.

Class 2: School & Class Displays

All Entries will receive $30.00

Sponsored by the Homecraft Division of the Stratford & District Agricultural Society

This is a non-competitive art and writing display open theme. Mount the display as a mural (no bigger than 4’x6’), it can showcase the work of one class, one grade or be a composite of many grades. This display is open to all public separate and private schools as well as nursery and day care centres. Please reserve your spot by September 15th, 2017 by registering online at

Class 3: 4-H Club Displays

All Entries will receive $15.00

Sponsored by the Homecraft Division of the Stratford & District Agricultural Society

Open to 2016-2017 4-H Clubs. Each exhibit shall include the name of the Club and topic of exhibit. The Official 4-H logo shall be displayed on each exhibit. Space provided shall be 3’x4’. Exhibits are to be placed between 1:00pm -8:00pm Wednesday September 20, 2017 and removed Sunday September 24, 2017 @ 4:00pm

Class 4: Communications

Convenor: Elaine Standeaven 519-229-8882

Jr. Kindergarten & Sr. Kindergarten
P1 – Print in Pencil
Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

Grade 1
P2 – Print in Pencil
My home is in Canada, the true north strong and free.

Grade 2
P3 – Print in pencil
Canada’s motto is “a mari usque ad mare”. It means “from sea to sea”. The flag is red and white with the maple leaf in the centre.

Grade 3
P4 – Print in pencil
Canada has ten provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador, and three territories: Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

Grade 4
P5 – Write in Pencil
The first four provinces of Canada were Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. They formed Confederation in 1867. The first Prime Minister was John A. McDonald. The first capital was Kingston. Today the capital is Ottawa.

Grade 5 & 6
P6 – Write in pen
Canada is known for: the Maple leaf, hockey, curling, maple syrup, the Great Lakes, polar bears, Northern Lights,………

Grades 7 & 8
P7 – Write in pen
Canada is a democracy. Our members of Parliament are elected by the citizens of our country. The Canadian government meets in Parliament in Ottawa. It consists of the House of Commons and the Senate. Members of the House of Commons are elected by the people, Senators are appointed by the Prime Minister.

P8 – Dr. Mark Straus Stratford Dental Special

Art is another way to communicate – Enter a piece of art of your choice completed during the 2016/2017 school year

Prize Money: 1st – $10 | 2nd – $8 | 3rd – $6 | 4th – $4 | 5th – $2


You may use a computer for this portion of the communication class!

Jr. Kindergarten – Grade 3
CW1 – A poem entitled – “The Big Birthday Cake”
CW2 – A story entitled – “Happy Birthday, Canada!”

Grades 4-6
CW3 – An acrostic poem using the word
CW4 – An original story entitled – “I Dreamed I was There When Canada Began”

Grade 7 & 8
CW5 – An original poem entitled – “Canada – My Home”
CW6 – An original story entitled – “Imagine – Me as Prime Minister?”

CWS7 – Family and Company Special

Draw: What I like about living in Canada and write a short story beginning with: My Favourite things about Canada are….

Prize Money: 1st – $15 | 2nd – $10 | 3rd – $5 | 4th – $4 | 5th – $2

Brocksden Country School Museum

Prize Money: 1st $6 | 2nd $5 | 3rd $3 | 4th $2 | 5th $1

Sponsored by the Easthope Historical Group

BMS1 Jr Kindergarten – Grade 4
BMS2 Grades 5-8
Open to all students, The topic is “ My Visit to a one room schoolhouse” life in the early 1900’s. Recall your visit to the Brocksden Museum or use your imagination. It must be one page in size, include creative writing and be suitably illustrated. No photos please. Can be hand written or typed on computer. Maximum 200 words

Creative Writing in French

Prize Money: 1st $6 | 2nd $5 | 3rd $4 | 4th $3 | 5th $2

Convenor Claire Milton
Sponsored by Canadian Parents for French (Stratford Chapter).
Show off your French writing skills ! (You may use a computer.)

Grade 1-3
CWF1 – Ecrire un poème (un acrostiche) en utilisant “LE CANADA”.
L ______
E ______
C ______
A ______
N ______
A ______
D ______
A ______

Grades 4-6
CWF2 – Ecrire une histoire intitulée, “Mon Canada” (une page)


Enter a page about 21.5 x 28 cm in black and white or colour entitled
My Favorite place to visit in our country is….” and tell what the place is.

CC1 – Grades 1-3
CC2 – Grades 4-6
CC3 – Grades 7 & 8


Prize Money: 1st $75 GC | 2nd $50 | GC 3rd $25 GC

CCS1 With a computer, create a poster showing our Fair Theme: “Canada 150” according to your interpretation of the theme.

Class 5: Environmentally Friendly Projects

Convenor, Bessie Wilhelm 519-272-1365

Sponsored by the Stratford, Ellice and Downie Optimist Clubs and the Shakespeare Opt-Mrs. Club

Jr. Kindergarten – Sr. Kindergarten
E1 – Print and decorate the number “150”
E2 – Using cereal, buttons, string etc. make the Canadian Flag
E3 – Using paper, foil plate, draw a “ happy face”
E4 – Using recycled materials, make a 150th Party Hat

Grades 1 – 3
E5 – Draw and colour a 150th poster
E6 – Print and colour a 150th party invitation
E7 – Using recycled material, make a 150th party hat
E8 – Make a 150th Book Mark

Grades 4 – 6
E9 – Make a collage celebrating our 150th 30 by 60cm
E10 – Make a 150th celebrity hat, using recycled material
E11 – Using red and white recycled material, make a necklace
E12 – Using egg shells, cut out a maple leaf and decorate it

Grades 7 – 8
E13 – Make a 150th book mark
E14 – Make a collage, 30 by 60 cm for our 150th anniversary
E15 – Decorate a tie, to wear to a 150th party
E16 – Using recycled material, decorate a 150th party cake
E17 – $10 Special for most points JK – Grade 3
E 18 – $10 Special for most points Grade 4-8

Class 6: Stuffies and Collectibles

Convenor, Marlene Ballantyne – 519-271-4873

ST1 – A red and white stuffie
ST2 – Collection of 3 different mugs showing the maple leaf (boxed)
ST3 – Collection of 3 different tea towels showing the maple leaf (boxed)
ST4 – Stuffie dressed in mounted police attire
ST5 – Collection of 4 items celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday (boxed)

$10 Video Plus Books & CDs Certificate awarded to the Boy with most points in section ST1 – ST5

10 Video Plus Books & CDs Certificate awarded to the Girl with most points in section ST1 – ST5

Class 7: School Photography

Convenor: Shelley Preiss – 519-275-2395

Pictures not meeting the stated requirements may be disqualified. Following the mounting instructions is an important part of the entry. All photographs MUST be taken by the entrant. All photographs entered MUST be mounted on black construction paper no more than one inch larger than the print (i.e. A 5×7 inch print may have a border of up to 6 x 8 inches). No mat board please. Photos can be colour or black and white. Judges will look for a photograph that has sharp focus, pleasing composition and interesting content rather than a simple snapshot.

Jr. Kindergarten – Sr. Kindergarten
PH1 – One 4×6 photo of a Canada Flag
PH2 – One 4 x 6 photo of your favoirite Canadian Food

Grades 1 – 3
PH3 – One 4 x 6 photo of a red or white flower
PH4 – One 4 x 6 photo of an animal that best represents “Canada”

Grades 4 – 6
PH5 – One 4 x 6 photo of something you love about Canada!
PH6 – One 4 x 6 photo of someone playing your favourite Canadian sport

Grades 7 & 8
PH7 – One 4 x 6 photo of a landscape that best represents “Canada”
PH8 – One 4 x 6 photo of a float at the Canada Day parade

Blowes Travel Special

Subject: One 4 x 6 photo mounted on one piece of black construction paper, showing “ How your family celebrated Canada’s 150th Birthday this year!” Winner in each category of the Blowes Travel section wins $10

SPH9 – Jr Kindergarten – Sr. Kindergarten
SPH10 – Grades 1 – 3
SPH11 – Grades 4 – 6
SPH12 – Grades 7 & 8

Class 8: School Flowers

Convenor: Janice Ward 519-273-2367

Sponsored by the Stratford Horticultural Society

Prizes in this section will be 1st – $8 | 2nd – $4 | 3rd $3

FL1 – Soup’s on – An arrangement of flowers in a soup can
FL2 – Simply green – An arrangement of greenery in a suitable container
FL3 – Geranium – One most perfect bloom with own foliage in a vase
FL4 – Sedum – one stem 13” or over
FL5 – Sedum – one stem under 13”
FL6 – Rose – one in a bud vase
FL7 – Any flower “floated” in a suitable container
FL8 – Marigolds – five blooms
FL9 – Largest, most perfect Hosta leaf
FL10 – An arrangement of wild flowers
FL11 – Miniature – tiny flower(s) in a tiny container (not over 4”)
FL12 – A nosegay of flowers, picked for Mom and tied with a ribbon


1st $8 | 2nd $4 | 3rd $3

FLS1- Canada’s splendor – an arrangement of flowers using colours to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday!